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April 3, 2012
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It was a nice warm afternoon and everything was normal in the forest of Cmuroetp. The birds were singing in the trees, deer were grazing in the tall grass and the creature children were happily playing. Unlike most forests, which contain the usual wild animals, Cmuroetp was very different. Oh it still have the typical animals but it also had dozens of different monsters and creatures. Yes, Cmuroetp was a enchanted forest.

Much like a normal forest an enchanted forest had ordinary animals such as deer, bears, birds and wolves. However in most cases the animals ether turn out as pets or food for the creatures. Another similarity between a normal forest and an enchanted forest was that a human village or town could be located near by. It was the same with Cmuroetp.

A small town, just a bit bigger than a village, by the name of Cidancorg, resided just outside the forest. Most of the humans believed that the forest was enchanted and stayed as far away as possible. However there was a fraction of humans that didn't believe and would enter the forest, most to never be seen again. For the need of food the town would send in their strongest hunters and weapons to insure their safety from the creatures.

Many different creatures lived in the Cmuroetp forest. There were the friendly creatures who were easy to get along with but that didn't mean they couldn't be dangerous. Then there was the peaceful creatures who more or less turned out to be vegetarians. Next would be the dangerous and deadly creatures, who were more looked at as monsters. Those were the creatures that the humans had to fear the most.

The most peaceful of creatures that lived in the Cmuroetp forest were the centaurs. Centaurs were mostly vegetarians and disapproved of creatures eating other creatures. They lived near the boarder where the forest ends and the human town starts. Being peaceful they have come to an agreement with the humans in the town. If they didn't attack or start some kind of war with them, the Centaurs would supply food without having the humans enter the forest.

One of the most dangerous creatures in the forest were nagas. Nagas were creatures that looks human but had a snake tail in place of legs. The tail of a full grown male naga could get to thirty to fifty feet long. They delighted in eating anything that was living and, depending on their size, can eat anything from nekos to fully grown bears. Nagas lived near the centre of the forest, ether taking shelter in big trees or large caves.

While nagas were dangerous it didn't directly mean they were evil. Some could actually be very kind and friendly. Others would take mercy in their prey and be as gentle as possible. Some naga's could even be shy, ether with their prey or around other nagas. However there were the heartless, mean and nasty nagas. Those that kill, attack and eat anything they way, including small children, babies and whole families. Because of those nagas the whole species were hated by the other creatures in the forest.

One of these nagas was a young, though fully grown, teenaged male named Damon. He was seventeen and had a thirty foot long tail. His tail was a seaweed green with a teal blue underbelly but the scales that traveled up his human half were greeny blue. His hair, however, was a fire red color, which he had gotten from his mother's side. His human half was pinky pale and was the size of a six foot human.

Damon had a typical family, parents and older younger siblings. However, like his older sister, he did not live with his parents and little brother. Instead Damon had found a large cave on the west side of Cmuroetp to live in. As he was a bit of a loner Damon lived on his own. When it came to other nagas and making friends with them he was rather shy.

Damon wasn't like many of the other nagas that lived in the forest. What made him different was that he had a taste for blood. Even though he wasn't the only naga that liked blood, Damon took it to a new level. He took delight in biting his prey with his fangs and drinking the blood that came out wounds. Most of the time he would drink his prey's blood until they were too weak to struggle before swallowing them. His taste for blood was so obsessive that others that knew him labelled him as a vampire.

Damon didn't mind the title of vampire but it sure didn't make him any friends. All other teenaged nagas thought he was a freak and ether took to avoiding him or teasing him. It didn't take long until the whole forest and even the human town heard about the vampire naga. While the creatures became even more protective of their children, the humans began to become interested. Even though they knew it was dangers, what turned out to be more teenaged girls, the humans began to enter the forest to look for him.

Another thing that differed Damon from most other nagas was that he loved to eat humans. Their nice smooth flesh, lack of claws or fur made them really easy to swallow. However they also came rare as Damon was not stupid enough to wonder into human town. Instead he would wait until one would enter the forest before he would strike. Damon's first human snack was when he was thirteen, a eleven year old boy had gotten lost and had run right into him. Needless to say it was Damon's best meal ever.

However Damon also had a soft side to him. He didn't enjoy eating small children under the age of nine. He also disapproved of those that did eat creatures that young. Also, depending on his mood, Damon could be very merciful or very mean when he ate. If he was merciful he would be as gentle as possible and make sure he didn't hurt his prey. If he was in a bad mood he would case as much pain as he possibly could to his prey.

So in all Cmuroetp was an unusual forest with unusual creatures. Outside the boarder was a small town of human who ether did or did not believe in the creatures. Whose who entered the forest were unlikely to ever be seen alive again. Needless to say Cmuroetp was a very dangerous but very mysterious forest indeed.
This is like a Prologue to my story, just talking about my new OC :) I want to offer spots for OCs in the story, though I will warn you most will turn out as food. If you want an OC that gets eaten don't hesitate to ask :P

Oh and about the forest name and town name to sound them out copy them and take them to the Google translator. I couldn't think up names so I went to a word mixer.

Cmuroetp is Computer

Cidancorg is according

really go to Google translator and then click the speaker to see how they are said. I want to know what you think.\\

If you want to know more about Damon go to my journal and there was a OC info sheet for it
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Rose: *In the village when she heard news about a naga vampire* Hmmm?

Thorn: Don't even thing about it... *Reading a tome*

Rose: Thinking about what?

Thorn: Going into the forest...Even though we both a strong and know magic we can't put ourselves in danger.

Rose: ...Hmmmmm...
Rose &Thorn: *Walking back to the inn for the night*
I am so glad so many people like this story, I feel guilty for not continuing the actual story. I did make a one shot though with the vampire naga
(Its a very good story, I like it. ^^)

Rose: *Notices a missing board and looks at it* Hmmmm...Looks like the last place they were seen at was going to that forest I heard of.

Thorn: ...
I'm glad you do
Mhm! Its good so far!^^

LightningxHope0 Apr 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
verrryyy niccceee ;D
LightningxHope0 Apr 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
This looks interesting
thank you XD Pythonmelon is drawing Damon for me
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