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October 15, 2011
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Hi :D I want to start off saying that I have not watched Mina and the Count but I have read other stories and the Wiki info for it and I wanted to try out something like these.

These are one shot requests and might seem OOC to certain fans. Sorry, again I haven't watched the show yet. If you want to request a one shot here is the info I need

If you want a one shot between Mina and the Count just Put Mina's name in place in the Name slot, how old you want her and so on





Place you meet:

Do you want to get bitten:

What do you want Vlad to do:

Mina and the Count one shots. Fill out the form if you want a one shot and send it in a review. I'll post the chapter with the name of your character. So instead of Mina and the Count it will be, Alex and the Count or Meg and the count or whatever you want
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Name: Kianasha Sento

Age: Looks about 18 Real age unknown

Looks: Mid back length, straight, black hair that turns silver at the tips; calculating violet eyes, Curvy athletic frame, wears a silver hakamashita and black hakama her chest is usually bandaged 

Personality: Brave, Fiery, Stubborn, outspoken, protective of friends, values life, hardly shows what she’s truly feeling or thinking, doesn’t like burdening others, foul mouthed when angered, kind but doesn’t show it, usually doesn’t think things through, Prideful, loyal, honor bound, blunt

Place you meet: On the roof of a hotel at midnight

Do you want to get bitten: No she's already a vampire

What do you want Vlad to do: He hears about a young woman in a hotel and goes to feed, however he stops when he sees a teen on the roof who seems familiar though he is sure he never met the woman before, he confronts her about it and she explains you decide what happens from there

Other: She is a vampire from an alternate dimension where she is the great grand-daughter of the Dracula from that dimension, she is also a samurai

CrazyLeslie Aug 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Name: Mina!

Age: 18

looks: Basically same as everyone says (red hair, green eyes, small build)

Personality: Again same as everyone, kinda loner with guts and... ya... sorry I suck at this v.v

Place you meet: Them hanging out at Vlad's place.

Do you want to get bitten: Not the context you're thinking of... *dirty mind* So no thank you please!

What do you want Vlad to do: erg... dangerous question. Basically Mina flirting with Vlad, what's he gonna do?

Other: It's Mina's 18th birthday!

Thank you and sorry I am a dirty minded uncreative person.
OK :3 There is just one I have to work on before yours.

And the info is a little confusing but you don't suck at this. Because this off yourself or a OC you think of, Plus I didn't mean bitten in the dirty way. Vlad is a evilish vampire. By what you want Vlad to do it means to you/your character. Ex: kill you, befriend you, try to drink your blood. Are you human?

Lol I have a perverted mind at times. I have done censered RPs so if that is what you really want I will do it
CrazyLeslie Aug 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
just some kind of small birthday celebration with them two and a flirty situation where Mina's hitting on Vlad and he's like 'Wait what?'
So you want Mina and Count role play then? I am a bit confused
CrazyLeslie Aug 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Eh never mind. Don't worry about it, sorry I'm confusing.
No I can do you a one shot I just need to know what you want. A one shot with your OC and Vlad as a couple or Mina and the Count as a couple. Try reading the other one shots it might help ya
Name: Python

Age: 18

looks: same as the other python but thinner and has black eyes, black and jeans, mahogany colored hair

Personality: Same as the other python

Place you meet: My family has a crash and runs off a twnety-foot drop in the woods

Do you want to get bitten: yes

What do you want Vlad to do: see the crash while heading home for the night and looks out of curiosity. Python is the only survivor and feels like he should save her. She's unconcious the whole time and turns her. he breaks her seat belt and pulls the seat bar that speared her out before taking her home.

Other: she's very resentful and frightened when she wakes up but is also greatful
Pythonmelon Apr 8, 2012
are you still doing these oneshots? I have one in mind
Yep but I have two in waiting :) what kind of idea?
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